Wedding pros, join us for a two-day deep-dive all about transforming your website into a selling machine, attracting your ideal audience, and converting visitors into paying clients!










Use proven copywriting and sales strategies to level up your website and turn visitors into paying clients.

Finally, have a website that consistently brings in inquiries and converts your website visitors into highly-qualified leads. Spend less time chasing leads or creating more and more content for social media, and let your website put in some of that heavy lifting for once! Your site will both attract the right people and detract the wrong ones!


"This is the only education I've invested in that actually pays off and works!! Plus Charla and Jenn are so hilarious and so easy to learn from!"

—Logan Lyons

Meet Your Educators: Charla Storey & Jennefer Wilson

Our combined 25+ years and variety of expertise and experience gives us a unique approach that can affect change for most people in a very impactful way.

Education shouldn't be boring. We believe that teleprompters and scripts make for a very distant learning experience. So our laid-back but pointed approach to teaching has been said to be "like hanging out with besties with a glass of wine."

We are relatable while maintaining the fact that we are successful businesswomen and wedding photographers in our industry.

Both highly-celebrated photographers, join us for Charla's world-renowned film-shooting as she slams you with facts and rap rhymes while changing your life. Jennefer will come at you with her Kindred Preset editing-prowess and inspiring ability to make everyone understand their individual importance.

With Guest Educator

Sam Jacobson, Ideaction Consulting

Sam’s an old-school influencer. Not the kind with 100k+ followers on social media, but one who helps wedding pros make more money with strategies and tactics based on the science of persuasion.

For the past several years, luxury event pros have called him up when they run out of luck, natural ability, charisma and connections. He knows that’s the reason, because it only got him so far too.

If you know Sam, he’s one of those naturally persuasive types: ESTP, enneagram 8 – whatever personality test you prefer – he always come up as that type. It was only natural he got into sales at an early age.

After stints serving unlimited soup and salad at the Olive Garden and earning a degree in English Communication, Sam got a proper job selling weddings at a top destination resort in the San Juan Islands, Washington.

But the good times didn’t last long. The Great Recession hit in 2008 and that’s when Sam’s luck and natural ability plateaued. He had to do something different if revenue was going to grow, so he decided to learn everything he could about the science of sales.

Buyer psychology, principles of influence, decision-making theory, active yield management, behavioral economics. You name it, he learned about it – and put into practice.

Sam’s spent more than a decade obsessing about how to grow event companies. He’s the personification of 500 events and $10mm in sales, 200,000 supervised labor hours, and thousands of hours learning what makes people buy your wedding services.

In 2016, he started Ideaction Consulting to help wedding pros reach their goals. The team offers consulting and coaching to companies of all sizes – big and solo – and now provides online courses, workshops, and copywriting that helps convert website visitors into wedding inquiries.

You don't have to be a good writer or an expert at sales in order to create a website that actually converts!

This is for you if... 

  • You’re a wedding professional who wants to use your website to attract ideal clients.
  • You don’t know all the science behind why people make buying decisions and how you can implement that on your website.
  • Your website’s copy is just an afterthought to its design.
  • You’ve run out of words to describe your work and have defaulted to the generic go-tos (that you’ve probably seen on dozen of other photographers’ websites).
  • You're wondering if you even need a website anymore.

Let us guess... your website hasn’t been updated in a hot sec! You've spent a ton of time in the distant past poring over the design of your website (or maybe you even invested in a brand & website designer!), but if you're being honest, you barely even changed the default copy that came with your website template.

And because we're in the age of social media, you've been counting on your Instagram and TikTok to bring in the leads, but we all know how fickle the algorithm is. Not to mention, what if you fall prey to the hackers that seem to be infiltrating more and more accounts these days?

Whether you're looking at your empty inbox wondering when the leads are going to come in, or you just want to utilize a platform that isn't subject to the whims of the algorithm, it's time to get your website into tip-top shape!

Have you found yourself spending every waking moment on social media, hoping one of your posts finds your ideal clients and leads them to inquire? Wouldn't it be a dream if you could turn your website into a sales machine, hooking your ideal clients right away and encouraging them to reach out?

You really want to hit your financial goals, be able to work fewer hours and make more money. You want to stop spending so much time chasing more leads, and instead, focus on serving your clients and enjoying your life.

But if your website doesn’t stand out from other vendors, you might be getting lost in the mix.

Because here's the thing... you're missing out on opportunities to sell with your website if you think it's just all about your portfolio (or a pretty design).

Lots of people may even be landing on your website, but they're not actually inquiring.

Use your website to bring in more qualified leads. Take control of the platform you own and bring it to the next level—rather than relying on social media and the ever-changing algorithms to bring in leads.

Attend the live Glowup challenge on June 7-8 and start using proven copywriting and sales strategies to level up your website to turn visitors into paying clients! 

Commit to showing up for this two-day virtual event so you can engage with the content and ask questions live. You’ll be equipped with 4+ hours of education ready to be implemented right away.

Make your ideal clients fall in love with you from the moment they land on your website! You’ll effectively convey your process, who you are, and what makes you different to your ideal clients so you can start getting better leads and more clients.


"I am booking my ideal client and have doubled my income! This education changed my business forever."

—Michelle Lippert

The live challenge starts on

June 7-8

After the replays expire on June 14 at 12:00 pm CST, the price goes up to $249!


The Sales, Copy, & Websites Glowup

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  • Attend the Glowup challenge live on June 7-8, 2023, at 12:00 pm CST
  • Lifetime access to The Sales, Copy, & Websites Glowup
  • Automatic enrollment and lifetime access to future Glowups
  • One entry into the giveaway wheel
Get ready to treat yourself

We like to give stuff away.

Each signup for the Glowup receives an entry to our giveaway—and new In the Glow members get 10 entries!

"I cannot even begin to tell you how helpful this education has been for me! I’ve taken a ton of courses over the last few years, from huge industry names, and never felt like I really got anything from them. I’ve taken every single Glowup and have gained more knowledge this last year than I ever thought possible, all while laughing and making ‘that’s what she said’ jokes. I cannot thank you enough for this Jenn and Charla!"

—Vanessa Hermanns

The Lesson Plan

The Lesson Plan


Your website needs so much more than just a beautiful design to attract and connect with your ideal clients. Learn how to catch the eye of potential clients and leave a lasting impression.

On Day 1, we’ll cover:

  • How to hook ideal clients right away
  • #1 way to “tell your story”
  • Services pages that sell
  • Power of real wedding blog posts
  • Contact form dos and don’ts


Now you’ve got a great website, and your ideal clients are warming up to you. But now it’s time to get them to actually inquire with you!

On Day 2, we’ll cover:

  • Sticky messaging
  • Use navigation and CTAs to convert more visitors
  • How to trigger ideal clients to inquire
Wait... how does a Glowup work again?

This is a virtual, live event where you can learn and ask questions in real time! Watch the replays for a week with general admission tuition, or keep it forever with our two lifetime access options!

After the general admission replays expire, the price goes up to $249!

1. Register for the glowup

After you've signed up and your payment has been processed, you'll receive a link to join our private Facebook group for the Glowup challenge! Once your request has been accepted, make a post introducing yourself!

2. Join us live

We will go LIVE in the Facebook group at 12:00 PM CST on the challenge days! Can't make it at that time? The content will be available in the group for replay until noon (CST) on June 14th!

3. Get lifetime access

Once the content has been removed from the group, members of our In the Glow community and Subscribe & Keep will receive a link with their lifetime access to the Glowup! The course will be available to non-members for purchase as well for the regular price of $249.

Learning just got a Glowup.

If you’re anything like us, we were tired of signing up for courses from other educators and not actually learning anything.

That’s why we created the Glowup challenges—a deep dive into one topic at a time, allowing you to walk away an expert, ready to make real changes in your life and business.

We make photography education FUN, actionable, and interactive—no more fluff and no more hidden secrets—and bring along a community that feels like home.

This is education for real people, with real results, so you can find success faster than we did with the knowledge we’re going to teach you.

With a combined 25+ years of experience running multiple successful photography businesses, our purpose is to change the photography industry, one Glowup at a time.










JUNE 7-8

Make your ideal clients fall in love with you from the moment they land on your website! You’ll effectively convey your process, who you are, and what makes you different to your ideal clients so you can start getting better leads and more clients.

The live challenge starts on June 7-8, 2023 at 12:00 pm CST. After the replays expire on June 14, the price goes up to $249!



(noun) A highly ambitious person who strives to achieve his or her goals in life, while maintaining a radiant glow both inside and out.

Our students had these questions when they joined. You too?

Finally have a website that consistently brings in leads and converts visitors into paying clients!


This Glowup is perfect for you if... 

  • You’re ready to have your website bring in more wedding leads
  • You want to start standing out to your ideal clients, rather than just blending in with all the other vendors they’re looking at
  • You want to effectively convey who you are and what you’re all about so you can attract the right couples and repel the wrong ones
  • You want to convert more of the visitors who land on your website to actually inquire with you

You might be thinking, “No one reads anymore, so why does my website copy even matter? Aren’t couples there to just see my work?” but keep reading…

The truth is, a great portfolio can only take you so far. At some point, you’re going to be compared to other vendors who are just as talented than you are (or even moreso!). The reason someone books you over your competition comes down to who they connect with most. Why miss out on a prime opportunity to share who you are with your ideal clients?

People DO still read—they just don’t read BAD copy. Crafting compelling copy with proven sales strategies will get more people to click “submit” on your contact form than just a beautiful website or impressive portfolio.

Instagram and TikTok go through outages and get hacked all the time, so why put all your eggs in that one basket? And let’s face it—there’s a level of professionalism that’s required for clients to trust us with their wedding day, and a website goes a long way in getting that off on the right foot. Use the platform that you own to make your ideal clients fall in love with you from the first click!


June 7-8

After the replays expire on June 14, the price goes up to $249!