the SKIN TONES guide

Do you struggle to consistently produce stunning skin tones in your work?

If you aren't 100% confident in your skin tones, this is for you. For real. Producing luminous skin tones, no matter what, is a super power! Your clients deserve to LOVE how they look in their photos, and nailing skin tones is a major step in that direction! Skin tones are a unique part of who we are. Trust us, when your clients feel and look like their best, authentic self in your imagery, they will always sing your praises.

Stunning skin tones rarely happen on accident. And, when they do, if you don't know how they happened, you are left banging your head up against the wall wondering why you can't seem to create luminous skin every session.

Grab our Skin Tones Guide, the companion tool to the Skin Tones Glowup, and have a quick reference to turn to when you're preparing for your next session or wedding! This 20+ page guide includes helpful reminders, tips, diagrams, checklists, and example images to help with everything from avoiding color casts, problem-solving bad light, camera settings, and editing tricks to help you produce stunning skin tones rain or shine!


"The Skin Tones Glowup has been rocking my world."

"I have been in the industry for 10 years and have forever YEARNED for those creamy, yummy skin tones, but didn't know how to do it without turning them into ghosts or over-warming my images to get skin to look alive and healthy. You have now educated and equipped me, and I'm so thankful and grateful. Charla & Jenn, you have glowed up my business, and I believe I'll see the fruit as I continue to put to practice what you've preached. Thank you for sharing and for your passion for this industry. Instead of waving as my boat sinks, you're allowing it to 'rise with the tide,' and I'm forever grateful."

 —Allee J.

The Skin Tones Guide 

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  • 20+ page guide
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  • Checklists, diagrams, examples, and more to reference and remind yourself of everything you learned during the Skin Tones Glowup!
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