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How the Light You Choose Affects Skin Tones

If you aren't 100% confident in the skin tones in your images, this is for you! Producing luminous skin tones, no matter what, is a superpower! Your clients deserve to LOVE how they look in their photos, and nailing skin tones is a major step in that direction.

One of the biggest contributors to how skin tones look in images is your LIGHT! Join us for this free training all about how you can use light to level up your skin tones at your very next shoot!


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Here's what we'll cover:

  • Why skin tones matter
  • How choosing your light affects your skintones
  • Differences in the quality of light
  • Working with different lighting scenarios
  • Identifying ideal light for skin tones
  • Color cast. What is it? How does it happen and how to we combat it?

Meet your hosts!

Charla & Jennefer

Our combined 25+ years and variety of expertise and experience gives us a unique approach that can affect change for most people in a very impactful way.

Education shouldn't be boring. We believe that teleprompters and scripts make for a very distant learning experience. So our laid-back but pointed approach to teaching has been said to be "like hanging out with besties with a glass of wine."

We are relatable while maintaining the fact that we are successful businesswomen and wedding photographers in our industry.

Both highly-celebrated photographers, join us for Charla's world-renowned film-shooting as she slams you with facts and rap rhymes while changing your life. Jennefer will come at you with her Kindred Preset editing-prowess and inspiring ability to make everyone understand their individual importance.

"This is the only education I've invested in that actually pays off and works! Plus Charla and Jenn are so hilarious and so easy to learn from!"

Logan Lyons

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Ready to be known for capturing gorgeous skin tones for your clients?

You can become a boss at this and never have anxiety about your clients' skin ever again! Register below to save your spot. Can't make it live? You can watch the replay for 7 days!