Photographers, join us for a deep-dive into all things skin tones—from choosing the best light, to location scouting, all the way through to editing!


Know how to choose the best light, locations, and camera settings for skin tones, then put the final touches with editing in Lightroom!

When your clients feel and look like their best, authentic selves in your imagery, they will always sing your praises!

Stop second-guessing yourself when choosing light and fretting over what to do when presented with a tough lighting scenario. You’ll be confident on the wedding day and during your shoots, and you’ll create natural, glowing skin tones for each and every one of your clients!


"The Skin Tones Glowup has been rocking my world."

"I have been in the industry for 10 years and have forever YEARNED for those creamy, yummy skin tones, but didn't know how to do it without turning them into ghosts or over-warming my images to get skin to look alive and healthy. You have now educated and equipped me, and I'm so thankful and grateful. Charla & Jenn, you have glowed up my business, and I believe I'll see the fruit as I continue to put to practice what you've preached. Thank you for sharing and for your passion for this industry. Instead of waving as my boat sinks, you're allowing it to 'rise with the tide,' and I'm forever grateful."

—Allee Joplin

Meet Your Educators: Charla Storey & Jennefer Wilson

Our combined 25+ years and variety of expertise and experience gives us a unique approach that can affect change for most people in a very impactful way.

Education shouldn't be boring. We believe that teleprompters and scripts make for a very distant learning experience. So our laid-back but pointed approach to teaching has been said to be "like hanging out with besties with a glass of wine."

We are relatable while maintaining the fact that we are successful businesswomen and wedding photographers in our industry.

Both highly-celebrated photographers, join us for Charla's world-renowned film-shooting as she slams you with facts and rap rhymes while changing your life. Jennefer will come at you with her Kindred Preset editing-prowess and inspiring ability to make everyone understand their individual importance.

Be known for capturing gorgeous skin tones for your clients, every single time!

This is for you if... 

  • You aren’t sure why skin tones look good sometimes, but you can't seem to replicate it every time.
  • You know how to get gorgeous skin tones in certain light (i.e. golden hour), but when you're forced to shoot in less-than-ideal light or locations, you freeze up.
  • You don’t know how to properly photograph different skin tones. Whether you’re working with clients who have pale skin and red hair, or a deep rich tone, it’s your job to make sure each and every skin tone is honored!
  • You’re wondering why skin tones looked great in person, but they’re just not quite right when you pull the images into Lightroom.

You want to be confident when selecting the light and locations to photograph your clients, regardless of what the weather looks like. Be known for capturing gorgeous, glowing skin!

Stop second-guessing yourself when you’re on a shoot or a wedding day and start confidently selecting the best light in any situation you find yourself in.

It all starts with good light—if you don’t know what light is best for skin tones or what to do when the light isn’t ideal, this is the Glowup for you. High-quality light, combined with the right camera settings will allow you to create the best possible foundation for gorgeous skin tones.

We hate to say it, but you can't fix every skin tone issue in editing. Starting with glowing skin tones straight-of-out-camera wins every time! (But don't worry—if you don't quite nail it in-camera, we'll teach you our best tips to fix skin issues in Lightroom!)

Producing luminous skin tones, no matter what, is a superpower! Your clients deserve to LOVE how they look in their photos, and nailing skin tones is a major step in that direction!

Know how to choose the best light, locations, and camera settings for skin tones, then put the final touches (or correct skin issues that you didn’t quite nail in-camera) with editing in Lightroom!

When your clients feel and look like their best, authentic selves in your imagery, they will always sing your praises!

Learn how we perfectly nail skin tones—from location scouting all the way through to editing, and never doubt yourself again!

Commit to watching these three modules and be equipped with 6+ hours of education ready to be implemented right away.

When you know what light to look for, you’ll be able to create glowing skin tones for all your clients. They’ll sing your praises and be thrilled with how they look in your images!


"This is the only education I've invested in that actually pays off and works!! Plus Charla and Jenn are so hilarious and so easy to learn from!"

—Logan Lyons


The Skin Tones Glowup 



  • Immediate access to The Skin Tones Glowup
  • Three modules 
  • 6+ hours of education
  • Lifetime access
  • Access to our exclusive Facebook group for the Glowup
  • BONUS! The Skin Tones Glowup 1.0 & 2.0! 
"Here to share that no matter how many times you take the Skin Tones Glowup, there is always something new you take away! I’ve done all three rounds, and I recommend you watch it again, then watch it again. And when you think you've watched enough, watch it AGAIN!”

—Courtney Hales

The Lesson Plan

The Lesson Plan


Light has the biggest impact on how skin tones appear in your images, so if you don’t know how to choose the right light, you’ll be left wondering why you can’t get consistently beautiful skin tones. In this module, we’ll show you how to distinguish between different qualities of light and which type is best so you can get gorgeous, glowing skin for your clients, every time.

In Module One, you’ll learn:

  • Why skin tones matter
  • How choosing your light affects your skin tones
  • Differences in the quality of light
  • Working with different lighting scenarios
  • Identifying ideal light for skin tones
  • Color cast. What is it? How does it happen and how do we combat it?


It’s not always easy to spot the best light, especially in certain tricky locations or lighting scenarios. In this module, we’ll teach you how to discern the best light for the skin tones you’re working with and how to properly expose them. You’ll create the best foundation in-camera for glowing skin tones!

In Module 2, you’ll learn:

  • On-location scouting! A look at how we locate, discern and choose the best light for our clients and their unique skin tones.
  • In camera settings for ensuring a healthy foundation for glowing skin tones. New to shooting in manual? This will be huge. New to prioritizing skin tones but familiar with manual? This will also be huge for you too.
  • Handling tricky lighting situations, how to avoid them and what to do, in camera, when you can't escape.
  • Camera settings for different lighting scenarios. ie. what to do when you have too much light and too little light.


Now that you have gorgeous images straight out of camera, you’re ready to enhance them in Lightroom! You’ll be equipped with powerful Lightroom knowledge that will help you put the finishing touches on gorgeous skin tones, as well as effectively correct skin tone issues when you didn’t quite get it right in-camera.

In Module 3, you’ll learn: 

  • Lightroom basics for great skin tones. Did you know the owner of Kindred Presets (world renowned for perfect skin tones) is one of your educators for this Glowup?
  • Skin tone problem-solving in Lightroom (did someone say "fake tans"?)
  • How does the color wheel play into skin tone editing?
  • What in the world is color grading and how do I use that panel?!
  • Wait...we can, sometimes, brush away bad skin tones situations? We will show you how!
  • Skin retouching in Photoshop—because even Beyonce has to deal with breakouts.

Learning just got a Glowup.

If you’re anything like us, we were tired of signing up for courses from other educators and not actually learning anything.

That’s why we created the Glowup challenges—a deep dive into one topic at a time, allowing you to walk away an expert, ready to make real changes in your life and business.

We make photography education FUN, actionable, and interactive—no more fluff and no more hidden secrets—and bring along a community that feels like home.

This is education for real people, with real results, so you can find success faster than we did with the knowledge we’re going to teach you.

With a combined 25+ years of experience running multiple successful photography businesses, our purpose is to change the photography industry, one Glowup at a time.


(noun) A highly ambitious person who strives to achieve his or her goals in life, while maintaining a radiant glow both inside and out.

Our students had these questions when they joined. You too?

Be known for capturing gorgeous, glowing skin for your clients, every single time!


This Glowup is perfect for you if... 

  • You’re tired of constantly second-guessing yourself when scouting locations 
  • You want to honor the skin tones of each and every one of your clients, but you’re not quite sure the best way to go about it
  • You know how to get gorgeous skin tones in one lighting situation (the famous backlit at golden hour, perhaps?), but when you’re presented with a tough location or lighting scenario, you lack confidence in the best way to photograph your clients.
  • You don’t know the best camera settings for gorgeous skin tones. Should you overexpose? Underexpose? How do you know when you got it right?
  • You’re handed a skin tone issue that you can’t seem to fix with editing (anyone say “fake tan”?)

If you’ve ever encountered  a difficult lighting situation, we promise we’ve been there too. Sometimes you’re presented with a lighting scenario that seems absolutely impossible!

Whether you show up for a shoot and it’s super dark and cloudy, or your client chooses to do their ceremony outside at noon, it’s your job to know how to work with what you’ve got and make your clients look their best. 

Maybe you’re a pro at shooting in manual mode, or you’ve just recently started giving it a try, but there are a few key settings you need to master in order to get gorgeous skin tones in-camera.

Combined with the most important part—the light you select!—and the finishing touches you do in Lightroom, you’ll have the perfect recipe for glowing skin.

Don't risk freezing up when you're dealt less-than-ideal light or locations. We'll show you what light to look for, how to set your camera, and how to finish it all off in Lightroom so you can capture gorgeous skin for your clients at every session and wedding!