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Do you worry about working with a new second shooter for the first time?

Maybe you've been burned by a second photographer in the past, or maybe you just want to improve your communication when working with new connections! Either way, you know the importance of clearly communicating your expectations with your second shooters and how that can result in a smoother working relationship on the wedding day.

This isn't a second shooter contract (we recommend this one if you need one of those, too!)—this is a way for you to communicate with your second shooters about your specific preferences regarding things like lenses, dress code, image usage, and so much more. Use our customizable template as a starting point and improve your relationship with your second shooters!

Get ready to build relationships with second shooters that you can count on!


Second Shooter 

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Note: This is not a legal document or contract. We recommend getting a lawyer-approved contract in addition to this template.