Learn how to Glowup your photo/video team collaborations and be the BEST for your clients and dream planners!

It’s about how you make people feel, and that especially goes for the team you’re working alongside on the wedding day. If you steal all the clients' time or don’t consider the photographer or videographer's role as important as your own, you’re going to make it awkward for the client and for each other.

We have all been there—timelines get out of control, you feel like you’re doing everything twice, you get in each other shots, and it feels like an unorganized mess! Ultimately, you didn’t plan to fail, you failed to plan.

The perfect companion to The Photo/Video Collaboration Glowup with Peyton Frank, this is your quick reference guide that includes a collaboration timeline, problem-solving tips, an introductory email template to begin the planning process, and more!

Learn the special secret sauce to collaborating and working as a fluid, professional photo/video team.


Destination Weddings Guide 

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  • Immediate digital download
  • Communication timeline to help you know what to say and when to say it when planning to work with a new photographer or videographer on the wedding day
  • Email template to introduce yourself and get things off on the right foot
  • Questionnaire to gather information and plan for your collaboration
  • Tips for structuring the timeline
  • Solutions for when things don't go to plan on the wedding day