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The perfect companion to The Kodak Glowup, this is your quick reference guide to tips, reminders, and more for shooting any Kodak film stock.

When Fujifilm said they planned to stop making film everyone freaked out! Like, big time! Why? It’s because Fuji has beautiful skin tones and dreamy pastel colors. But mainly because Fuji can be crazy overexposed and still be beautiful, it was almost foolproof. But Kodak needs you to do a little more work to create your ideal "secret special sauce," AKA your favorite tones and signature look. But it is possible!

The truth is Kodak needs you to build a relationship with her, you know, get to know her a little. Scratch her back, and she will scratch yours. Not only will you fall head over heels in love with Kodak, but you will also be supporting a company that supports film, the film community, and film photographers! And that feels pretty amazing.

Let's make some Kodak gold!


"You inspired me to give Kodak Portra 400 another try"

"You two inspired me to give Kodak Portra 400 another try (I love Portra 800 and I think I implemented that film in my work very well). Thank you so very much for that - I love seeing how passionate you are about film!"

 —Radostina B.

Kodak Guide 

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  • 25+ page guide
  • Film stock comparison
  • Description of each Kodak film stock and how to shoot it
  • Metering tips
  • Tips for communicating with your lab
  • Pushing & Pulling
  • Tips for editing your film scans
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