Develope Academy x Patrick Le

A comprehensive guide to shooting with artificial light, Get Lit was created to make you confident in any lighting situation.


Do you know what to do when you no longer have natural light to rely on?

Maybe you're a "natural light photographer" who panics when the weather doesn't go your way, or you've been known to say things like "I hate the look of flash" or "flash isn't on-brand for me."

 But what if you could have a seamless aesthetic between your natural light and artificial light images?

Become a master of controlling your light.

Whether you're a wedding photographer or a family photographer, you shoot film or you shoot digital, you need to know how to use flash to your advantage and control it. No more relying on the weather and what the sun decides to give you!

We can’t wait to teach you how to effectively incorporate artificial lighting into your work so you never have to fear your flash again!

With guest educator 

Patrick Le - Apollo Workshops

Patrick is world-renowned for his mastery of artificial light and film photography. Adding light to digital work is one thing, but to film? That's another ballgame completely! All the more reason to trust that he knows exactly what he is talking about. We are thrilled to collaborate with him for Get Lit, a comprehensive artificial lighting course for digital and film photographers alike.

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Get Lit

Develope Academy x Patrick Le


Valued at $2,900

  • Immediate access to the Get Lit Course
  • 6+ hours of education
  • 50+ page resource guide including setups, examples, definitions, Patricks gear list and more!
  • Lifetime access
  • 12 modules
  • BONUS! Lifetime access to The Artificial Lighting Glowup
the artificial lighting glowup
Interested in a payment plan?

Grab the Get Lit course for two monthly payments of $250 instead!

You'll get immediate access to the first six modules of the course, then the rest will unlock after your second payment goes through.


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The Lesson Plan

The Lesson Plan

Knowing how to use artificial lighting to mimic natural light is a skill most photographers don't have. It's time to set yourself apart.



  • You want to acquire the necessary skills to bring consistency to your body of work no matter the time of year, location, time of day, or other obstacles that might hinder your ability to create stunning images.

  • You want to learn how to use flash and other artificial lights with film for low-light situations while maintaining your aesthetic.

  • You don't want to waste valuable time and money on lighting setups that won't work for you or aren't practical to use outside of a studio.

  • You want to confidently know how to recreate a naturally lit scene or room with artificial lighting.

  • You want the ability to be able to refresh on the knowledge you learn at any time, rather than hoping you can take notes fast enough at a workshop.

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Honestly. We were just tired of educators not actually teaching people. we are, and we complement each other well. Our combined 25+ years and variety of expertise and experience gives us a unique approach that can affect change for most people in a very impactful way.

Education shouldn't be boring either. We believe that teleprompters and scripts make for a very distant learning experience. So our laid-back but pointed approach to teaching has been said to be "like hanging out with besties with a glass of wine." We are relatable while maintaining the fact that we are successful businesswomen in our industry.

Join us for Charla's world-renowned, film-shooting as she slams you with facts and rap rhymes while changing your life. Jennefer will be backing her up with her Kindred Preset prowess and inspiring ability to make everyone understand their individual importance.

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