the ESSENTIALS bundle

If we could ensure every single photographer in the industry had taken just five of our Glowups, these would be them.

After years of educating photographers and countless portfolio reviews, these foundational skills are often the ones that could use the most work!


 What's Included

The Skin Tones Glowup (Chapter One)

Learn how we perfectly nail skin tones—from location scouting all the way through to editing, and never doubt yourself again!

Stunning skin tones rarely happen on accident. And, when they do, if you don't know how they happened, you are left banging your head up against the wall wondering why you can't seem to create luminous skin every session. In these three days of education, we teach you how to properly see and read your light, how to know when your location will set you up for skin tone failure or success, how to manipulate your surroundings to support and not hinder you, how we expose for soft, supple skin, and our editing tips and tricks to round it all out!


The Composition Glowup

Composition is king, the “it” factor, the game changer.

Get ready to go on a ride with us to learn what makes composition so important, and how to elevate your work in every single situation with strong, powerful, story-telling composition. We will take you on a journey to finding what composition styles speak to your brand, where to draw inspiration, and what pitfalls to watch out for.


The Posing Glowup

This is the one where you want to be a poser.

Do you ever find yourself going blank or getting stuck mid-session on what poses to do next? It’s like walking onto a lit-up stage in front of a full house and you don’t know any of your lines. Whew, we’ve all been there. But you don’t ever have to feel that way again after the Posing Glowup! We will teach you what makes poses feel right in the moment, and what movements get a ton of variety in a short period of time. And we will show you what flow posing is and how you can use it to never get stuck again. You’re going to rock every session!


The Editing Glowup

So you think you know Lightroom—wanna bet?

Learning how to confidently edit your images and create a dreamy, beautiful cohesive gallery is everything. The expertise you convey to your clients, vendors, editors, and the world is a cornerstone of your business. Beautiful, strong galleries and incredibly edited images build trust between your clients and you. Get ready to learn our best tips and tricks that will help you master editing for beautiful skin tones, build cohesive galleries, and other wildly essential Lightroom skills that will save you on a rainy day!


The Pricing Glowup

Let's make that money, honey!

Do you ever feel intimidated when you begin to think about changing your pricing? Or maybe you aren't even sure where to begin when it comes to pricing yourself! If we are being honest, when we talk about pricing, we need to talk about the big picture. Our pricing doesn't only affect us; it affects your entire local community. Yes, YOUR pricing has an impact on YOUR community. Wild, right?!

Get ready to learn how to properly price yourself so you can confidently charge what you're worth. We want to teach you how to identify your value in your market, dive into the nitty gritty of the numbers with you, and teach you how to utilize these skills so you never doubt your hourly rate again. We're here to help you build a solid, profitable business!


Essentials Bundle 

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Immediate Access

  • The Skin Tones Glowup (Chapter One)
  • The Composition Glowup
  • The Posing Glowup
  • The Editing Glowup
  • The Pricing Glowup
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to our 5 bestselling Glowups

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Dripped Access

  • Immediate access to The Skin Tones Glowup (Chapter One)!
  • Every 30 days, you'll receive an email letting you know that you have access to the next Glowup in this bundle.
  • Access to the next Glowup will be unlocked every 30 days in this order: Skin Tones (immediate), Composition (30 days after checkout), Posing (60 days after checkout), Editing (90 days after checkout), Pricing (120 days after checkout).
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to our 5 bestselling Glowups